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Future Business Owner Scholarship

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 10.37.28 PMYet Another Web Host, a Waukesha based web hosting and design company, will be awarding a $200 scholarship and 3 years of free web hosting service to one Waukesha High School graduating senior who has dreams of starting his or her own business.  To apply, just fill out the form below by April 1.  The winner will articulate a solid plan for their new business.  They will explain why they think their idea will turn a profit, and how they plan to sustain their growth and build a business that will support them financially.  To collect the $200 check, the winner must submit a copy of their state government paperwork showing the creation of their new LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Corporation.  To activate the free webhosting service, the winner must submit a receipt showing a purchase of a new website domain name.

Graduating seniors who have already started a business are also eligible to apply, just explain how the business started and the plans for sustained growth.

2016 winner

Antonio Sanchez, Waukesha South High School

Staz Industries LLC

Antonio outlined his plan to start a clothing line with his best friend.  He has researched screen printers, planned his marketing strategy, and outlined his plans for growth.  Upon being awarded the scholarship, Antonio registered his business as a Limited Liability Company with the State of Wisconsin.  His website will be coming soon!  Congratulations Antonio!

Scholarship Application