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Email Setup

Following are the instructions for setting up a new email address on your domain:

  1. Go to
  2. Log out of your gmail or google or youtube account if you are currently logged in
  3. Click “Create An Account”
  4. Follow instructions to create your new gmail account (name it something like
  5. Set the password to something temporary and basic that you will provide to me
  6. Email me your chosen gmail address and your password

I will then complete the setup inside your gmail account and let you know when it is ready for your use.

What I will do is create an address at your domain, such as, and set it up to forward all mail into your gmail account.  You will give people your domain address (, not your gmail address ( when you want to give them your email address.  When you send an email from your gmail account, it will appear to the receiver to come from your domain address, not your gmail address. (that is the part that I will set up when I’m in your account).

Please remember to change your password to something only you know after I have finished my setup of the account.