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Yet Another Web Host is not one of those giant web hosting providers!  It is a small Waukesha, WI based business.  Unlike some web hosts you will come across, I will not hide the fact that I am a reseller.  I currently resell service from three large web hosting providers.  I perform automatic backups of sites to a fourth large provider, further ensuring against data loss.  If one of my three providers begins to have poor service, I can quickly get your site up and running with one of the others.

I provide both web hosting services, and web design/support services.  If you already have a site, I can move it to my server and begin hosting it here.  Once you have it moved, I can do modifications or you can have your own designer do the site modifications.  You will have ftp access to your raw website files if you need it.  If you manage your own website, you will only pay the monthly fee for web hosting.  If I make the modifications to your site, I will invoice you for my time at an hourly rate of 55.00/ hr.

The price for hosting is 10.00/ month or 120.00/year paid via credit card or Paypal.

I have been registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Wisconsin since 2005.  Please fill out the contact form to inquire about service.